Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work

We have talked about a healthy work-life balance, but what about staying healthy at work? Mental and physical health at work are important factors to staying motivated and engaged with your business, peers and clients. Keeping your employees motivated and engaged with their work is a leader’s responsibility. Here are 8 tips to help you stay healthy at work.

1. Keep the Metaphorical Door Open

When it comes to health, employees may feel uncomfortable sharing their woes at work. By allowing an open-door policy and listening to concerns with empathy and without judgment, you will encourage more honest dialogue.

2. Make a To-Do List

Having a list set out for your day will help you stay focused, reduce stress, and offer a little dopamine boost when you check off that completed task. Smaller, manageable goals will keep you from getting overwhelmed too quickly. Our team uses Trello for our daily to-dos, and we have found it to be a valuable tool. https://bit.ly/30ZrbVk

3. Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

Whether you’re in an office or at home, less clutter will result in less stress. Having something small (like a family photo, or favourite mug) that makes you smile will also contribute to keeping your spirits up. Keeping your workspace dust-free and sanitized regularly will reduce your risk of catching viruses – even if you’re not sharing your space.

4. Take Stretch Breaks

Physically, your body is not meant to sit for 7 straight hours. Taking regular breaks to stand up, walk around, and stretch will benefit your heart health, and overall muscle health! Taking a break from your computer will decrease eye strain as well.

5. Set Yourself Up for Success – Ergonomically

Having the proper chair and desk set up will decrease potential for repetitive strains and poor posture resulting in back and neck pain. Occupational Therapists can help you determine which chair is best for your situation, or you can opt for a sit/stand desk which will allow you to adjust the height of your desk.

6. Drink Water

This is a life hack that is always good advice. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and productive. According to WebMD, that mid-afternoon slump many feel may be due to dehydration! If you struggle with remembering to drink water at work, keep a water bottle on your desk and set an alarm to remind yourself it’s time to hydrate!

7. Leave Work at Work

We talk a lot about a healthy work-life balance in our previous blog “Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Balance”. As a business owner, leaving work at work may seem impossible. Our work tends to be 24/7. Allow your employees to leave work at work by not contacting them outside of working hours. For yourself, be sure to set out some time that you can just sit and relax. Build in some unplugged time!

8. Consider Adding a Benefits Plan

Finally, if it is feasible for you to do so, consider adding a benefits plan or health fund for your employees. If they’re able to access affordable care (like dental, prescriptions and vision care), this will help them take care of themselves. There are many great plans out there that are available to small businesses.

We all know that money cannot buy good health and wellness!

MYOB’s Gift Guide for Shopping Local

MYOB’s Gift Guide for Shopping Local

Christmas is fast approaching with less than a month to go, and we want to help you find the perfect gift locally! London is full of unique shops and businesses so let’s dive in.

For the One Who is Hard to Buy For:

Meet us at The Market at Western Fair District in recently re-opened Old East Village! They are open Saturday & Sunday mornings until early afternoon. You can find something for just about anyone here. There are locally made clothes, delicious food and treats, artisanal cheese for your holiday gathering, stunning art, and beautiful baby items – just to name a few. https://themarketwfd.com/

A Market (WFD) alumnus, and now located in Wortley Village, Locally Made Marketplace is the ultimate local-lover destination! This unique shop is bursting with quality merchandise, handmade from local vendors. Karen and Emily dropped in to do a bit of Christmas shopping over the weekend and found so many goodies! Locally Made Marketplace hosts over 65 local makers in their space! https://www.locallymademarketplace.ca/

For the Athletic One:

Looking to find something for your athletic friend or family member? Check out Loko Sport! They offer high-quality locally made athletic wear for men and women, and they’re located at The Market in Western Fair District, or for convenient shopping – online! https://www.lokosport.ca/

For the Food Lover:

There are so many delectable restaurants in London and surrounding area. So, what do you get for your favourite foodie? Gift cards!

Fat Olive in Dorchester offers delicious authentic Italian food that we highly recommend checking out! https://www.fatolive.ca/

Marshall’s Pasta in London offers gift cards and e-gift cards for their take-out and catering, or, if you are looking for something else to wrap up under the tree, they also offer their homemade sauces for purchase! https://marshallspastacatering.ca/

Mamasim offers both meal support and catering for holiday gatherings or any other occasion. Have you seen her Christmas dessert trays on Instagram? If not, head over and take a peek! A Mamasim gift certificate is on some of our loved one’s lists this year! https://mamasim.ca/

Karen and Emily recently headed downtown to get a little shopping done and stumbled upon Mythic Grill on Albert St. After enjoying an excellent Greek lunch, we can see why they have so many loyal regulars! https://mythicgrill.ca/

For the Reader:

London hosts several local book shops like Bread & Roses in OEV or Brown & Dickson on Richmond Row, but there are also numerous brilliant local authors!

If you have a fiction lover in your life, don’t miss Carolyn Arnold’s thrilling catalogue of work! Check out her highly praised mystery novels and find the one that’s right for the person on your list. https://carolynarnold.net/home/

What about the thriving business boss on your list? We have a local author for them too! Allison Graham offers tips on building your network, staying resilient and taking back your weekends! We’re sure you’ll be able to find something for the all-business person on your list. https://allisongraham.co/products/

For the Little Ones:

London has an outstanding number of locally made children’s items available to purchase. One of our favourites are Mohr Living’s resin letter and number sets. Last year we purchased a customized MYOB BLOG set with little frogs to use in our marketing! Be sure to look around her website as Mohr Living also offers unique and vintage home décor for adults too! https://www.mohr-living.com/

Happy Wear located in Covent Garden Market offers handmade, colourful clothing for little ones as well as a variety of toys, books, and activities to suit a range of ages. Check them out at the market, or online. The child in your life will thank you! https://happywear.ca/

For the new baby in your family, London’s OVer Company has soft and snuggly options, as well as the ever-popular OVer cover that can be used as a car seat cover, a nursing cover or a shopping cart seat cover!  And let’s not forget all of the cute designs to choose from! https://theovercompany.com/

For the Jewelry Lover:

One of Karen’s favourite jewelry designers is Lori Schmidke of Klas squared. Her designs are unique, high quality and expertly made. This gift will be sure to make the woman on your list feel joyful, feminine, and powerful. They even offer gift certificates and a gift guide on their website. https://shop.klassquared.com/

If your loved one is interested in personalized jewelry, we recommend North Cove Jewelry. While not directly located in London, this Elmira-based jewelry maker has been on Emily’s Christmas list twice before. Her high-quality and personalized gifts make for the perfect something under the tree. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/NorthCoveJewelry

Shopping local is something that is near and dear to our hearts at MYOB. We strive to support the local businesses around us whenever possible. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!