Nurturing Virtual Relationships

Why do we go to networking events and rent Vendor booths at tradeshows? Obviously, we want to make personal contact with potential customers and grow our business!

What do you do with all the business cards you collect in the bowl for people who tried to win your door prize? Since you do not have express permission to send them mass emails, newsletters and promotions, do you just “hope” they call?

Some creative ways to express interest in your potential customers is to Like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. They will notice that you are initiating interaction with their business and many will respond and stay in touch with you as well. You need to be timely!

Next, you need to make sure your social media accounts are fresh and exciting and evolving with your business offerings and continuing to promote your products or services. Keep your audience.

Sounds time consuming? Worthwhile activities do take time, effort and expertise.

That’s another reason to engage the services of a Virtual Administrator – to help look after your fans and followers. We can help you market your business in cyberspace and follow up with the humans you have met and wish to keep in a business relationship.

We can help you Mind Your Own Business BETTER.

Who is on your team?


Give a little; take a little; share a little.

It is a delicate balance to give and not undervalue yourself, to take and not appear greedy, and to share without over-sharing. It is especially important for the small business owner to keep their eye on the ball and the business activities, while maintaining a big picture view of the overall business plan and development.

Workshops can help, a business coach is a great idea and discussion with colleagues is a must. Your own employees have so much to contribute to a different and sometimes refreshing perspective that can identify need for action or change. Have at least one mentor that you respect and consider mentoring someone less experienced who is reaching out to you.

We are all familiar with the first line of this 1624 poem by John Donne, “No Man is an Island”. Here’s the rest:



No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
Or of thine own were:
Any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

Easy Peasy

People who make something look effortless and easy are VERY good at what they do. It might be a natural flair or years of experience that brought them to this place of smooth and perfect execution. Easy for one can be torturous and a heavy weight for another to bear. That doesn’t mean that anyone is inferior or superior in this story!

When I watch the Olympics and marvel at the athletes who have master control over their body muscles and movement, I think it all looks so easy. My many attempts at exercising have resulted in tendonitis and back spasms! Obviously, doing things incorrectly, but my point is, there doesn’t seem anything remotely easy to me about doing a back flip on a balance beam.

And so it is in business as well. At Mind Your Own Business, we have clients who are brilliant in their field. Some are too busy and so outsource administration and some find online software, bookkeeping and social media to be a mind-boggling mystery and struggle. Some struggle with writing and finding the perfect adjective or synonym to promote their business and our second pair of eyes can see clearly what needs to be written, based on experience as well as talent.

You work hard at what you do, and we work hard at what we do! Together we can make it all look so easy. Let’s talk about what your struggles are and let us help you mind your own business!

What is Less Fun Than Preparing Files for Your Bookkeeper?

Customers moan and groan about getting bank statements, credit card statements, receipts and deposit information gathered together for the bookkeeper. What is less fun than that?

A Revenue Canada Audit!

One of the reasons that you should have an accurate and up-to-date record of your revenue and expenses is that you will never remember three years from now, who you dined with on February 10th or what you bought that day that you claimed an expense that is on that fading white cash register tape. Having your bookkeeping organized makes an audit much smoother.

Government filings can be kept current and deadlines met when the bookkeeping is current. FILING on time is the law. Understandably, at certain times of the year, some businesses struggle to pay their HST owing as the cash flow is low. There are penalties for late payment, but it is the filing ON TIME of the HST report that is the law.

For yourself, to see clearly where you are spending your money and what products or services are bringing money into the business, your income statement is a valuable tool for you to analyze your financial situation and make plans for business development moving forward.

Not knowing your financial situation is like running your business blindly. You may be surprised to see that your bread and butter is in the smaller activities and that you need to pay attention to keeping those thriving while you chase the big projects, or you may see that too many resources are dedicated to the smaller activities that are lost leaders for your company.

At Mind Your Own Business, we work with our clients and communicate regularly as we maintain their books and make sure the government filings are on time.

The Home Office Entrepreneur

There are an increasing number of small business owners setting up home offices. Mind Your Own Business is a Virtual Administration company, operating from home offices.

Home offices decrease overhead costs such as transportation – either public transit or parking and gas expenses, no additional rent, less expense related to clothing required and less spending money needed for coffee and lunch breaks.
It is important to have a designated space in the home that is workspace only so that work is done in the office. A separate phone line is recommended to avoid family members answering business calls, but also to have control over the hours when business calls are received and answered. It is important for the small business entrepreneur to attend networking groups/events to meet and interact with others and have mentors and colleagues to brainstorm and exchange ideas, to avoid isolation and the feeling of being disconnected.

Clients benefit from outsourcing work to companies with low overhead, such as Mind Your Own Business, as higher overhead costs are not passed along in project pricing.