Businesses seek to achieve a healthy bottom line as well as a good reputation. Excellent customer service is critical to establishing repeat business and increasing sales.

Recently, during a weekly visit to a favourite business, one of the staff mentioned that she needs more money and would be asking the owner for more hours. I asked her what value she brought to the business to make her stand out from the others to get these additional hours. She looked puzzled.

I continued by saying that the staff had never attempted to upsell, introduce products or make recommendations to me. She replied, “We don’t get commission”. I explained that offering me additional products or services was actually excellent customer service AND a sales opportunity. If I were the owner, I would give the increased hours to the employee who was proactive and offering the best customer experience AND contributing to sales.

Communicating with regular customers about products and services IS good customer service. This can be done at the point of sale, or by social media, newsletters, emails or targeted phone calls.

Are you satisfied with your sales? Are your customers informed?

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