Have you ever watched the Olympics and marveled at the athletes who have mastered control of their muscles and movements? It all looks so easy because they have mastered their craft. It’s deceiving how effortless it looks to achieve such perfection. We all know that years of training and hard work brought these top athletes to this world stage. Determination and hard work applied to small business will pay off too. Maybe someone looks at you and thinks you have it so “easy”!

We work with clients who are brilliant in their field. Some are too busy to monitor the engagement and content for their social media. Some are so focused on what makes their business great, they need to outsource their bookkeeping and have up-to-date financial reports readily available. There are many tools available for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help their business run smoothly and to make the process look easy-peasy.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free software that you can access through your browser. It also offers a plug-in to help you correct your grammar wherever you’re writing. Grammarly boasts, “Great writing, simplified”. That sounds easy-peasy!

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is an effective way to share information between a client and your company. We use this with a number of clients, as it allows them to share information with us and if they require our input, we can provide edits easily and efficiently.

  1. Trello

Trello is a great tool for prioritizing workload. This program allows you to organize your tasks, make notes, set deadlines and file when completed. It works especially well for teams. Designated team leaders assign tasks or projects to other team members’ “boards” to communicate they need to be completed during the day, week, or month. You are able to add attachments, instructions and links to other resources. Our team uses this program as an organization and communication tool to keep our organization running smoothly. The best part? It’s available for mobile as well so that you can update your tasks on the go.

  1. BitWarden

With so many applications to use in your business, there becomes a growing list of passwords. BitWarden simplifies keeping track of all those passwords and also allows you to input them to any given website at the touch of a button. Some of our team members use this and find it user friendly and valuable.

  1. Outsourcing

No, this isn’t a program. It’s a concept. Running a business is complex and can be easier if you consider outsourcing the tasks that bog you down or that you aren’t passionate about. Here at Mind Your Business, we work with people who have made the choice to outsource their bookkeeping, social media and website design. We love to learn about our clients’ company and help them to thrive!

You work hard at what you do, and we work hard at what we do! Together we can make it all look so easy. Let’s talk about what your challenges are and let us help you mind your own business!