Does your company have a Customer Service policy? Or does your company respond to what the Customer would like? At Mind Your Own Business, we spend time with our customers during the “Meet and Greet” at the beginning of our relationship, to find out what communication and processes will serve them best – you could say a custom approach to Customer service. After all, it’s about the customer!

We have been experiencing huge growth in the bookkeeping area of our business services and when we ask the new customer what was lacking in their previous service, the answers are becoming familiar. We hear that some other companies don’t answer the phone, are slow to return calls, accept the questions and don’t respond with clear answers and are unclear about billing.

Some customers want each email acknowledged, while others would go crazy with this additional activity in their inbox. Therefore, a customer’s expectation and expressed wishes become the foundation for being able to provide superior “customer service”.

Are your customers feeling like they are getting the best customer service? If not, they might be our next new client.