“Never mistake motion for action”  Ernest Hemingway

We have realized that action in moving our businesses forward creates momentum. Conversely, falling in a rut can result in a standstill.

Many business owners look forward to a slower pace in the summer, some stolen time away to the cottage or even the great outdoors at home. However, this does not mean that action has to stop in moving your business forward. In fact, a slower pace is a fantastic time to consider refreshing branding, renewing your website, focusing on business development and developing creative strategies. These actions are time well invested.

Last year, a colleague at a networking group warned us all to make sure that our networking efforts were more than “not working” ! We can run around being busy without advancing business goals. Summer is an excellent opportunity to reflect and focus on business development.

At Mind Your Own Business, we love to brainstorm with business owners and help them move forward and grow. Check out our Services page and realize that having Virtual Administrators on your team can lighten your load all year!