“The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”

Widely quoted advice: The fortune is in the follow up.

You network constantly, giving out your business card to people who express interest in your business. After that, if you just wait for the business to roll in, you will likely be disappointed.

Follow up is not nagging. Follow up is putting yourself and your business in the business mind of your target audience.

Often a time consuming activity, follow up calls and correspondence can be handled beautifully by a capable assistant who is well trained in customer service and sales.

We can help you mind your own business better by finding your fortune in the follow up.

No Response

After sending an inquiry email, sometimes you receive silence in return. How long should you wait?

Whether you’re chasing an overdue account, seeking a quote, following up on a previous request or trying to set up a meeting, if you get no response, send ONE “gentle reminder” email.

And then, pick up the phone! Often forgotten and last choice technology – the telephone.

Email can land in junk, or have been misdirected. The receiver might be on vacation or away sick and not have an auto response set up. OR, the receiver is so busy, your email is buried and forgotten.

Nagging is annoying, so don’t nag. Pick up the phone and reach out personally. No answer? Leave a message on the second attempt. Call display is widely used, so give your contact the chance to contact you. Second attempt, leave a no-guilt-trip message.

Still having trouble, outsource this task to your virtual assistant and move on to spending your time in a more profitable way!


Thank you for reading this blog post! Bookkeeping is generally an unwanted discussion piece. Right up near the word “budget” that gives people chills, bookkeeping can be overwhelming if a business owner does not stay on top of spending and revenue collections. Income tax filing becomes a nightmare.
Some of our clients prefer their bookkeeping to be a monthly activity and some prefer quarterly. In every case, we make sure that the client has access to their income statements and balance sheets and a detailed explanation of both.
If you have not kept track of when your HST filing is due, we have and will make sure you are not behind on the filing – a legal requirement.
Tidy and organized = less stress. We can help you keep your business expenses and income recording tidy and organized so you can manage your business better.