Imagine you’re at an industry conference. In one corner, a group throws ideas back and forth in rapid bursts, keeping the energy high. Across the room, another group dives deep into a specific topic, sharing insights and fostering focused discussion. These two scenarios perfectly capture the vibe of X (formerly Twitter) and Threads, two social media platforms vying for your attention. But which platform is best suited for your small business? Let’s dive into the details.

Similarities Between X and Threads: Connecting with Your Audience

At their core, both X and Threads are about connecting with your audience. You can share updates, engage in conversations, and build brand awareness. Both platforms allow for multimedia content—think images, videos, and polls (on X)—to grab attention and break up text. Plus, they’re free to use (with X offering a premium tier, but we’ll get to that later). Now, let’s explore the features and differences of X and Threads to help you choose the right platform for your small business.

The Plot Thickens: Key Differences to Consider

Here’s where things get interesting. X thrives on brevity. With a 280-character limit, posts are concise and fast-paced, perfect for news snippets, witty remarks, and joining trending conversations. It’s like a digital watercooler, buzzing with the latest happenings.

Threads, on the other hand, is all about longer-form storytelling. Here, you can create “threads”— think a series of connected posts — to delve into a specific topic, share a tutorial, or showcase your behind-the-scenes process. It’s a more intimate space for fostering deeper connections.

For example, on X, a user can quickly share breaking news updates or engage in real-time discussions about a current event by crafting short, impactful tweets. On the other hand, Threads provides a platform for a writer to explore a complex issue in depth by constructing a series of threads that build upon each other to create a cohesive narrative.

So, Two Accounts or One?

The good news is you may not need both platforms. Consider your target audience and your brand voice. If your business thrives on quick updates and witty banter, then X might be your jam. But if you excel at in-depth content and building a community, Threads could be a goldmine.

A recent poll found that 24% of social media users say that Threads is boring or unengaging, while only 11% feel the same about X.” This suggests it might not be ideal for all industries. For example, a fashion brand looking to engage with a younger, more trend-focused audience may find success on X with its emphasis on quick updates and wit. On the other hand, a nonprofit organization focused on education and community building may benefit more from using Threads to create deeper connections and foster discussion among followers.

Ultimately, the decision to use two separate accounts or just one depends on your overall social media strategy and goals. It’s important to consider the type of content you want to share and how you want to engage with your audience. By understanding the strengths of each platform and how they align with your brand, you can make an informed choice that will best serve your business goals. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key in building a strong online presence, so choose the option that will allow you to effectively communicate your message and connect with your followers.

Demographics Decoded: Who’s on Each Platform?

To enhance your connection with your audience on platforms like X and Threads, conduct audience research, analyze engagement metrics, and directly seek feedback from your followers. X has a diverse user base, with a slight skew towards younger demographics (18–29). Despite the common assumption that Gen Z is primarily interested in TikTok, they actually represent the largest generation on X. X is still a platform that appeals to a wide range of age groups and demographics, however, making it a valuable tool for businesses across various industries and not just younger audiences.

Threads, on the other hand, appeals to a slightly older group (25–34) at 36.39%, followed by 18–24 years old at 19.29%. Threads focuses on nurturing close connections and engagement, providing an ideal space for businesses to cultivate a sense of community among their customers. This emphasis on interaction can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

Threads and Instagram Integration: Enhancing Social Media Presence

Interesting fact: Threads is smoothly integrated into the Instagram app, enabling users to access it directly from their Instagram feed without requiring a separate app or page. So, no, you don’t need a separate Threads page if you already have Instagram. Just swipe right from your Instagram feed to access it.

Free or Fee? Navigating X’s Premium Options

Both platforms are free to use in their basic forms. However, X’s paid version, X Premium, offers features such as extended video lengths for more engaging content, ad-free browsing to enhance user experience, and the unique ability to “undo” a tweet, which can be a valuable tool for maintaining a polished online presence. And of course, you’ll obtain the highly sought-after blue checkmark, symbolizing verification and authenticity! While the cost varies depending on location, it typically falls around $10 CAD a month.

Over to You: It’s All About Your Strategy

Choosing the right platform is not a one-size-fits-all decision. X and Threads are powerful tools, but the best platform depends on your brand voice, target audience, and content strategy. Experiment with both platforms to determine which one resonates most with your audience. Remember, MYOB is here to help you navigate the ever-changing social media landscape. Leverage our collective knowledge and experience to help you in developing a successful social media presence that enhances brand awareness and drives revenue. So, which platform will you conquer first?