After sending an inquiry email, sometimes you receive silence in return. How long should you wait?

Whether you’re chasing an overdue account, seeking a quote, following up on a previous request or trying to set up a meeting, if you get no response, send ONE “gentle reminder” email.

And then, pick up the phone! Often forgotten and last choice technology – the telephone.

Email can land in junk, or have been misdirected. The receiver might be on vacation or away sick and not have an auto response set up. OR, the receiver is so busy, your email is buried and forgotten.

Nagging is annoying, so don’t nag. Pick up the phone and reach out personally. No answer? Leave a message on the second attempt. Call display is widely used, so give your contact the chance to contact you. Second attempt, leave a no-guilt-trip message.

Still having trouble, outsource this task to your virtual assistant and move on to spending your time in a more profitable way!